Saturday, 1 June 2013

Playing with Foot unit sizes ...

Trying out some combos of existing foot units in same coat colour to see how different sizes of unit looked. I put two of my old units together, with extra command stand at the front
looks like a regiment to me now, with two/three flags, the pikes look likes there is enough of them (instead of 5or 6 per unit before).

Will probably do the the same - double up to all my foot regiments, but I may try varying unit sizes too (will probably need to buy some more figs to give about 3 of these larger regiments of foot per side); then move onto the horse - which should double up ok.


  1. It does look good. If doing an historical refight you could always field 1 regiment per brigade.

  2. Looks great! I like the half circle command stand at the front. It's aesthetically appealing and highlights the command stand.

  3. Certainly looks good, I may follow this line if I do ant 25mm ECW stuff.

  4. That's the same size I do mine. Looks like a proper regiment as you say and you can't go past an extra command stand for bumping up the flag count!