Sunday 9 June 2013

Foot and Horse - 'up-sized'

Have doubled up my existing foot regiments, one will need some repaint (the dark green chaps joining the grey regiment need their coats repainted).

Also been experimenting with the size of a regiment of horse; trying out 18 + command; a regiment of 6 troops drawn up in 3 'squadrons'.


johnpreece said...

By all means repaint your foot if uniformity pleases you, but there is no historical imperative to do so.

Units gradually became undersize or would be reinforced in the field by garrison detachments. On campaign brigade or tercios would be formed by lumping together units without regard to coat colour until the desired size was reached.

So for example Byron's body of foot at the Newbury campaign (2,000 men) contained Regts from Oxford outfitted in Red and also blue and in addition reinforcements which accompanied Queen Henrietta south from Yorkshire in grey and white. In total ten regts and various garrison detachments formed up in the one tactical unit.

But as I say they are your figures to do what pleases you.


Springinsfeld said...

These look great, and of course it's a good excuse to buy more figures (if you need one). Current trends in ECW thought seem to indicate that plenty of units were not issued with uniform, but I always thinks this looks really messy on the tabletop.

Big Andy said...

Tidders- agree with John here . Uniformity on both sides was patchy to say the least. Tyldesleys Royalist foot at one point in 1643 4 companies in Blue and 4 in red. Officers - which term included NCOs wore their own clothes and Gentlemen of course would not wear uniform as a matter of course.
The regiemts of Essex army were wholly re-outfiited in grey coats at least once. Some locally raised units never had uniforms and in 1642 its very unlikly that the royalists had uniforms for the Edghill campaign.