Friday 26 February 2010

New Command figs

For the next scenario in the campaign there will be a battle at Hungerford, for this I wanted to be able to have command staff for each wing of horse and the centre foot. I was short a few figs, so I've made up two more command groups, of officer + trumpeter.
[figs Officers: Jacdaw TYW; trumpeters: Irregular Miniatures on Sahs & Sabre horses.]

Wednesday 10 February 2010

New regiment of Foot - Green Coats

Another regiment of foot finished, one left to go to reach my target of the army sizes of the Battle of Roundway. This one in green coats, based on the uniform of Earl of Northampton's regiment - should have had a green flag, but I liked the yellow one with the dog on it.

[Figs: Officer and firing musketeers: Jacdaw TYW; Ensign: converted Eureka Planchet character figure;  all the rest Irregular Miniatures with an assortment of heads]

I'm currently painting up a couple of regiments of horse for the next battle in the ECW campaign. So piccies to come when they are done.