Wednesday 6 July 2011

Roundway Down Project (8) - More Useful Info

I've found more info for my Roundway Down refight in The Battles of Lansdown and Roundway 1643 by Robert Morris (ISBN1858040132), thanks to Mercurius Atticus for posting the book info on his blog. I used to search for the lowest priced one.

I've had a quick dip into it since it arrived today,  a nice informative little book. Will settle down to good in depth read later on.

Saturday 2 July 2011

Horse Finished - ready for Roundway

The last of my ECW lead pile is now painted, the third of three regiments of horse for my refight of Roundway down.
They seemed to take ages to finish, I think I took my time as they are the last of my planned ECW units for a while. I have some future thoughts on what to add, which are:
1. Clubmen (along the lines of this link)
2. Firelocks
3. Mounted horse firing their muskets and pistols
4. Folorn hope - musketeers