Saturday 15 May 2010

Sorting out some spare bits ...

I recently assembled an officer, ensign and drummer for my next regiment of foot; looking at my box of spare bodies, arms and heads I decided to use up most of the bist to make some extra figs to pose for vignette scenes or on the battlefield. So here they are, I've got to add some filler in a few spots and make a few adjustments then they'll be ready for painting.

Prerparations for the battle of Hungerford continue; I've finished all the unit cards required the next thing is to sort out the battlefield map and unit start postions.

Sunday 2 May 2010

Two regiments of horse finished ..

The two new regiments of horse are now finished and based ready for the upcoming battle of Hungerford ...
Figures are the usual Irregular Miniatures with some Sash & Sabre head swaps, also a couple of Sash & Sabre riders.

Skirmish at Littlecote

The royalists having concentrated their forces at Ramsbury continue their push up the valley towards Hungerford. 

A body of  royalist horse have reached Littlecote house, they caught the small garrison by surprise and pushed them out of the house. Skirmishing continues in the nearby enclosures between  royalist horse (some dismounted) and parliamentarian dragoons who eventually mount up and ride for Hungerford.
to be continued ...