Saturday 25 April 2015

Backdrop buildings - a couple of additions

Having trawled the internet and looked through a couple of books, I've only found two images that could be used - mainly most are not useful as they aren't in elevation or don't fit with the look I want. The two images slightly doctored have been stuck onto card.

The church tower is designed to be behind other buildings so I only want to see the the top part, and here it is in place
 The other new one, maybe the roof could be a bit darker (?)
 I'll continue to keep a lookout for other useful images.

To get back to the ECW campaign -- in outline the next phase is going to be Royalist siege of a large manor house, with the Parliamentarians coming to the aid of the besieged - so I've got some modelling to do - some simple siegeworks, the manor house and associated buildings (I will try and utilise existing items). I've been reading Paul Darnell's Touching History ECW book for some ideas.

Saturday 18 April 2015

Backdrop Buildings...

I've been using some images of buildings stuck onto thick card on my backscene to get some more depth,
these go at the back with some model buildings in front. I need to do a few more for variety including a church or maybe just its tower; also maybe a low relief manor house ...

I'll be delving into this lovely little book, fully of watercolour illustrations of buildings for some inspiration ...