Monday 27 December 2010

Roundway Down Project (2) - getting organised

Part of my figs order arrived for my extra three regiments of horse, I went for Sash & Sabre for a change. I decided to wait for the rest of the order before getting stuck in assenbling and painting. So currently organziing all the bits and pieces ready to put them to one side; have cut all the bases from thick card for the regiment of foot and the three horse regiments while I was at it.

Sunday 19 December 2010

Roundway Down Project (1) - quick list of forces

Just working out some basics for my Roundway Down project. Approx size of armies

Parliament: Horse 2000; Foot 1800; Guns 8; + some dragoons
Royalist: Horse 1800; Foot 2000; Guns 2 light pieces; + some dragoons

Need to get the ratios approx correct; so decided on the following forces:

1. Left - 2 Regiments of horse (18 figs)
2. Centre - 1 Regiment of horse (9 figs),  Galloper Gun, Dragoons
3. Right - 2 Regiments of horse (18 figs)
4. At Devizes - 5 Regiments of Foot.


1. Left - 3 Regiments of horse (27 figs)
2. Centre - 4 Regiments of Foot, 3 guns
3. Right - 3 Regiments of horse (27 figs)
4. To the rear - Dragoons - guarding baggage and watching out for Royalist foot.

After totting up the horse required I am 3 regiments short, figs order to be done shortly - may go for some Sash & Sabre this time.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Planning for Roundway Down 're-fight'

I'm currently planning my re-fight of Roundway Down. Prior to the main battle there was a rearguard action at Rowde plus the siege of Devizes, so may also have a go at staging these too.

Have to paint up one infantry regiment and obtain probably 5 more cavalry regiments. I may look at the army sizes and reduce the cavalry slightly, maintaining the right ratios.

Plenty of reading to do - will check up on accounts in other books to build up a clearer picture of the main battle.