Friday 25 January 2008

Wrinkleham - A Clash of Armes

1) The Parliamentarian Forces: Commander - Sir Warwick Hunt, 1 regiment of Cuirassier, 1 regiment of Foot and some artillerie

2) The Royalist forces: Commander - Sir William de Walloughby; 1 regiment of Horse and 2 regiments of Foot
3) The Battle ...

Both sides deployed, the parliamentarians seeing the larger number of royalist foot decided to form up with their left flank on the village with the artillery, foot in the centre, and the cuirassiers on the right.

The royalists decided to deploy, advance and attack.

The cavalry melee started first..

and after a charge, counter charge and reform the cuirassier were holding back the royalist horse ..

As the royalist foot came up, musket fire from both sides and the parliamentarian artillery started to thin the ranks down..

After the cuirassiers forced back the royalist horse, the resolve of the parliamentarian foot crumbled and they took to their heels, the rest of the army following behind. The royalists did not pursue as their cavalry was exhausted.
[The rules we used were 'Charge yr Pikes!', downloaded from We had a most enjoyable game, we felt the rules worked very well].

Tuesday 22 January 2008

And so it Begins ...

A scenario for a rules play test ...

The leader of the parliamentarians, Sir Warwick Hunt, mustered his troops. After some consideration he decided to take the initiative and set off to try and draw the royalists into battle.

Sir William de Willoughby had raised the royalist flag at Wallingborough. After a couple of weeks mustering his forces he heard that the parliamentarians were on the move. In reponse to this he moved to attempt to intercept them.

Both sides were on the march, nearing the village of Wrinkleham, the scouts from both sides found themselves at the local tavern, after a short skirmish they returned to report. Both sides then advanced on Wrinkleham ....

Sunday 20 January 2008

Deployed for Action

I put out the units I have completed on my wargame table just to see how they look formed up.

Saturday 12 January 2008

Artillery Update

I decided to repaint my existing artillery crew to give them a bit more variation in their clothes (there were little too uniform)

Newly arrived is a saker from Sash and Sabre plus some crew ...

Saturday 5 January 2008

Regiment of Foot - Red Coats

phew, finished at last. I had hoped to finish them before Xmas, but with all the usual goings on things got delayed.
The figs for the next horse regiment are on order, so I'll be looking at my ECW books for some ideas on how to paint them.