Saturday 16 December 2017

Musketeers and the like (2 of 2)

The musketeer figures are now finished and based.  They were made using a selction of my castings (foot officer, ensign and man walking), with heads from Sash & Sabre.

In non-action mode...
 Ready for action ...

Thursday 14 December 2017

Musketeers and the like (1 of 2)

over the last couple of months have been casting, accumulating and painting up suitable figures for musketeers skirmish style games ...

I've used my man in tabard castings to make up the Cardinals' guard, there are four with halberds ....
and ten with swords ....
A few sundry figures, these are Redoubt 28mm, they are a 'larger' size 28's and useable - some have had head swaps
 one of my ensign castings modified with a sword and the Redoubt 28mm Rochefort figure
I now have three cardinals,  looks like this monk is in luck - there are no comfy chairs in the immediate vicinity.
'table for three please'

Sunday 10 December 2017

The armies go into Winter Quarters ....

With their army in tatters the Monrovians have been unable to do much;  what troops are able to take the field are camped at Vertdorf about 10miles west of Rumsdorf. Recruiting parties are out signing up men for the army, but there are only a trickle of volunteers


Meanwhile the Wittenberg army has strengthened its hold on Rumsdorf - building new defences on the western gate and repairing the east gate and adding defences there. A regiment of foot, a regiment of dragoons and a regiment of horse now provide the garrison.

The King has prevaricated and no incursions into Monrovian territory have been made, he seems happy enough to have gained Rumsdorf. The King has been staying at Poswitz - he has decided to leave the army in the care of his generals, he will travel back to the capital for the Christmas festivities.


The weather is changing, the first snow has fallen; both sides decide to move their armies into winter quarters - troops are dispersed accordingly - it is the end of the campaign season.