Wednesday 3 February 2021

The Saxe-Jarlsberg Army...

 Saxe-Jarlsberg is an ally of Monrovia.  They have raised their army to attempt to take the Hoflandt from Wittenberg ( a small campaign that I am currently in the process of setting up)., they may be assisted by Monrovia troops.

For games I use cards to select which order units move.. a set has been made for Saxe-Jarlsberg..

I cast some figures last year to paint up some new command stands - the army commander , infantry commander and two alternate command stands for a couple of existing infantry units to give them a new identity.

the army commander, with infantry regiment in the background

the commander of the infantry ..
a newly raised regiment of foot - Scottish mercenaries (home-cast figures with some Sash & Sabre Scots heads)

Artillery and the dragoons will be other items from the collection as needed. The Saxe-Jarlsber cavalry will be three units I completed last year....