Monday 22 October 2018

Polish Haiduk - Trial Figure painted

One sample Haiduk casting painted up,
a regiment of these fellows will look rather nice. I have cast some more, but not enough for a regiment - I will probably use these up doing conversions for command figures, standard bearers etc.

Sunday 14 October 2018

Polish Winged Hussar Unit - WIP

After some casting, prep and assembly the first unit of winged hussars is nearly ready to go into the paint queue. I've opted for a mix of single and two wings for the hussars.
the balls on the lances are anglers 5mm rig beads. I have some work to do on the officer (who will have a cloak) and the musician with single wing (who will have a trumpet).

Saturday 6 October 2018

More Polish trial castings ...

I've finished a couple more moulds for the Polish home-cast project and have done some trial castings. Pancerni and Light Cavalry...
 Foot Officer and Haiduks...
I've one more mould to do which will contain the Haiduk again (so I can cast units a bit faster) and an Ottoman style horse archer which could be converted into a Tartar.

Time to plan the polish army units and work out much metal to get and what extra accessories will be needed (shields, lances, words etc).