Saturday 31 March 2007

Regiment of Foot - Green Coats

First addition to the army - a regiment of fine stout green-coated fellows (figures are mostly Irregular Miniatures, with a commnd set from Sash and Sabre). I originally had a slightly larger regiment in my diorama, I've kept the ones I didn't use to form the nucleus for the next regiment.

Saturday 24 March 2007

Sir William de Walloughby

A photo of my recently finished command figure (Irregular Miniatures).

Initial Scenario

I was going to go all historical - an ideal way of doing things. But I decided to keep it as fun as possible and invent a scenario that would appeal to me - allowing me to have any units I liked but looking sort of correct. I'm back to my time as a young boy playing roundheads and cavaliers I suppose.

So a quick outline -

Sir William de Walloughby has decided to raise an army to fight for the King against Parliament. He is to raise a small force to hold the town of Wallingborough.

Which Figures to Use ?

As I've decided to use 40mm/42mm figures. There is only a small choice of suppliers on the market at the moment making suitable figures, namely

Sash and Sabre (40mm ECW range) -

Irregular Miniatures (42mm Renaissance range) -

I've decided at the moment to use mostly figures from Irregular Miniatures.

I'll be posting pictures of units or command figures as the are finished, along with some scenarios etc.
When I was a boy I used to play roundheads and cavialiers with some plastic soldiers. I was always interested in the ECW and had a small 25mm wargame army while I was at school.

Last year I started a small collection of 40mm ECW figures in a diorama format. Recently I thought it was a bit of a waste to have them restricted to statics displays so I've been rebasing them for wargaming.