Saturday 20 October 2007

Sir Warwick Hunt - for Parliament

Sir Warwick Hunt, commander of the Parliamentarian forces (with his little command group). Seen on his way to meet his brother Sir Herryck Hunt to look at the regiment of horse he is mustering.

New Trumpeter for Royalist Command Group

The red trumpeter has been allocated to the Parliamentarian command group; as I've decided the red regiment of horse is going to be in the Parliamentarian army. So a new trumpeter has been completed for the Royalist command group.

Saturday 13 October 2007

New Foot and Horse - start to muster

Currently I'm painting the Parliamentarian command group.

For the next regiment of horse I wanted something a little different; I decided to convert some Irregular Miniatures figs using Sash & Sabre heads (which can be bought separately); I wanted them to have swords in various poses; so these have been added by using the swords from Prince August cast figures. So far I have only finished two ...

The officers for the next foot regiment are ready for painting; the officers with spontoon and the ensign are converted pikemen [for these I used Sash & Sabre heads on Irregular Miniatures bodies].