Monday, 13 August 2018

Simple Sword Play Rules .....

Finally got round to tidying up my simple sword play rules. These were designed as an add on to my skirmish rules, to enable musketeers type heroes and opponents to indulge in sword fights. They are very basic, but they give reasonable results. So far the play tests have provided good little games.  Here are the rules (about a page)....


Simple Sword Play Rules
(Version 1)

Each move dice (1D6) for initiative for each figure, then starting with the figure with the highest score
  • move the figure and work through any resulting combat
  • record information about the status of figures as you go (e.g. wounded, prone)
and continue for each figure in turn (in descending initiative score order) till all have been moved. 
An alternative scheme is to have a card for each player (special character card or assigned playing card), shuffle the deck and play through as cards are turned over.

move as per normal ruleset (e.g standard move 6”)
If negotiating obstacles
(table, bench/barrel, wall/hedge, climbing up/down)
Throw 1D6 for the action in a move – result
1 Falls, prone this move
2-6 OK over obstacle
If prone, to get up throw 1D6 , result
1 stays prone
2-6 gets up

  1. If not engaged, for a figure to engage in swordplay, it must pass a morale check, 1D6 + Modifiers
    • Modifiers
      -1 For each wound already received 
      +1 If Skill level greater than 2 (see below for Skill level)
    • Result:
      • <0 – run away; 
      • 1 – Holds position fill fall back if attacked (out of the way)
      • 2,3 - Holds position, will fight back if attacked
      • 4,5,6 –  Engage the opposition
  1. combat: for each figure involved work out their score: Skill Level + Modifiers + 1D6
Skill Level:
-1 Unskilled (peasant, servant..
0 Average (run of the mill swordsman
1 Good (Cardinals Guard
2 Very Good (Officer of Cardinals Guard
3 Superb (Musketeers
4 Exceptional (D'Artagnan/Rochefort

-1 For each wound already received
-1 if prone (fell negotiating an obstacle or dodging)
-1 for each additional opponent in a combat
+1 Above opponent (elevated)
+1 Impetus (jumped down/leapt off etc)
-1 Restricted movement (e.g cornered, in door/passage)
Combat Result– the difference in scores:
   0 - Draw keep fighting
   1 – Loser pushed back 1”
   2 – Loser pushed back 2”
   3 – Loser takes 1 Hit, pushed back 3”
   4 – Loser takes 2 Hits, pushed back 4”
   5 – Loser takes 3 Hits, pushed back 5”
   6 – Loser takes 4 Hits, pushed back 6”
   7+ - Wounded and falls to ground

When Pushed back - the winner moves the loser back in the direction of his choice

The winner also has the option of changing places with the loser before moving the loser.

If HIT – roll 1D6, loser is 
    1, fall over dodging
    2,3,4 – OK (graze/nick)
    5,6 – wounded
    Out of Action
    If figure accumulates 3 wounds he is disabled/prone – possibly dead (the prone body is treated as a obstacle)

Copyright © 2018 Allan Tidmarsh

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sword play rules test .....

Moved outside yesterday evening for 'gaming session'; indoors was too hot and there was nice breeze outside.  The 'simple sword play rules' were tested out using small scenic setups on a couple of my table riser sections.

encounters in rocky outcrops...
 After trialling 1 against 1, 1 against 2 and tweaking the rules a bit we then tried a Musketeer dealing with three cardinals guard
the musketeer managed top fend off the guardsmen but picked up two wounds and got away.  I need to write up the changes to the rules.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sculpts: review of Polish Masters...

As I've been working on some TYW sculpts I decided to review the 40mm Polish masters; a few tweaks done
  • The Haiduk's musket has been shortened by about 3mm
  • The riders have had their swords moved to down by the side of their left boot - easier to make a mould and less problems with metal flow.
  • The Pancerni has been given a new face
  • The generic foot figure has been reworked, the upper body has been changed with new arm positions plus a sword added too.
Here are the masters ....

I am going to make moulds for these (when the weather gets a cooler),  mould list

Hussar + Wing
Pancerni + Haiduk
Light Car + Haiduk
Generic Foot figure + ?

For the Pancerni and Light cavalry I will buy some add-on bits like shields and bow cases from The Assault Group, the 28mm accessories are just about right.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sculpt: TYW Cuirassier ...

Finished the initial pass sculpt of a TYW cuirassier;  from the photos I can see a few fluffs that need attention. Overall I am pleased with it ...

 comparison of my sculpt with an Irregular Miniatures cuirassier fitted with a Sash and Sabre head. A good size match...

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Sculpt: TYW Mounted Dragoon...

Knocked up a mounted dragoon,  modifying one of my mounted cavalry figures.
also in progress in a TYW curassier.

Monday, 4 June 2018

a couple of things on the go ....

couple of things being worked on at the moment...

1) a simple set of sword play rules as an add on to my skirmish rule set; initial version has been play tested, second version awaiting a play test. Aim is to have it fit on one page ? !

2) I'm slowly putting the Kettelwitz series of games into a 'campaign pdf'; I will be trying to make something a bit more of it as sort of project in itself. Trying out my drawing skills, I would like to have parts illustrated by drawings. First attempts were bad, but after some practice I think I'm getting nearer something usable...

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Those four chaps - mounted and armed with muskets

completed the two new sets of musketeer figures, the mounted set ...
and on foot armed with muskets