Sunday, 14 October 2018

Polish Winged Hussar Unit - WIP

After some casting, prep and assembly the first unit of winged hussars is nearly ready to go into the paint queue. I've opted for a mix of single and two wings for the hussars.
the balls on the lances are anglers 5mm rig beads. I have some work to do on the officer (who will have a cloak) and the musician with single wing (who will have a trumpet).

Saturday, 6 October 2018

More Polish trial castings ...

I've finished a couple more moulds for the Polish home-cast project and have done some trial castings. Pancerni and Light Cavalry...
 Foot Officer and Haiduks...
I've one more mould to do which will contain the Haiduk again (so I can cast units a bit faster) and an Ottoman style horse archer which could be converted into a Tartar.

Time to plan the polish army units and work out much metal to get and what extra accessories will be needed (shields, lances, words etc).

Friday, 28 September 2018

Polish Winged Hussar (painted ..)

After a little bit of a tidy up got on with painting my first winged hussar; the wings have come out nicely - overall looking good

Will cast some more when I'm doing trial castings of the other polish figure moulds. The Polish-Swedish war of 1600-11 has a number of engagements which could be re-fought;  better build the Polish army first 😎

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Polish Winged Hussar (trial castings ...)

I have finally got round to making a mould and have made some trial castings ... single winged hussar
a slight problem with the mould, has left a small ridge in part of one side of the wing,
a little bit of filing does as a fix - the acid test will be how it looks painted.

A Hussar with two wings ...
will paint up a couple to see how they come out. I am also working on the moulds for the rest of the Polish figure masters.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Kettelwitz Campaign PDF

I've put together the initial version of the Kettelwitz campaign PDF. It has an introductory section and includes all the relevant blog posts from May to Dec 2017 for the campaign (the pictures link to those on the posts so you can click and enlarge if you want to).

link to access the PDF is here

(if you have any problems with the link then add a comment and I'll fix it - should be OK though 😀 )

Monday, 13 August 2018

Simple Sword Play Rules .....

Finally got round to tidying up my simple sword play rules. These were designed as an add on to my skirmish rules, to enable musketeers type heroes and opponents to indulge in sword fights. They are very basic, but they give reasonable results. So far the play tests have provided good little games.

The rules play sheet (about a page) is available from this link

Simple Sword Play - Rules Play Sheet

[post updated 31/8/2018: moved the rules play sheet to my Google Drive]

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sword play rules test .....

Moved outside yesterday evening for 'gaming session'; indoors was too hot and there was nice breeze outside.  The 'simple sword play rules' were tested out using small scenic setups on a couple of my table riser sections.

encounters in rocky outcrops...
 After trialling 1 against 1, 1 against 2 and tweaking the rules a bit we then tried a Musketeer dealing with three cardinals guard
the musketeer managed top fend off the guardsmen but picked up two wounds and got away.  I need to write up the changes to the rules.