Sunday 19 May 2013

A little bit of painting and carrying on with my reading ...

I found a spare partizan in my spares box and fitted it to one of my oddment figures and gave the chap a new coat colour of blue, looks like a proper sergeant now..
I had a good read of my of ECW in Wilstihire/Hampshire books, great full of lots of info. Will be moving on to read this one next

Sunday 12 May 2013

getting back in the saddle ...

 To get me going again I tracked down a couple of books focusing on the civil war events for Wiltshire and Hampshire
I've started the Wiltshire book and finding it a good read and full of useful info. Also toying with doubling up my foot units so they look chunky enough pike-wise ..... trying out ideas using Junior General images ..

Tuesday 7 May 2013

having a re-think ....

Have you seen my mojo ?

My ECW 'mojo' has gone - so I've put the Cheriton re-fight on hold for the moment.

I'm going back to do some reading of events during the period and will be trying to obtain some books on the ECW in Wiltshire and Hampshire.

I'm thinking of changing my approach and aiming for small scale battles between the two sides - I find that much more of interest; it will continue my earlier scheme of Sir William de Willoughby (Royalist) and Sir Warwick Hunt (Parliament) .

More to come after some imagineering has been completed.