Saturday 29 November 2008

A Pastoral Scene ?

Want something to drink boys ?

The Parliamentrain trained band ignore the solicitations and other attractions offered by a local tavern as they march through a small village.

[figs: Soldiers - Irregular Minaiatures; Ladies - Black Cat]

Sunday 23 November 2008

Dragoons - Officer anh Horse Holders

I bought some more Irregular Miniatures musketeers to convert into dismounted dragoons, plus some sample figures for conversions; not having some green stuff I've ordered that as well. While waiting for delivery I thought I'd try out some conversion techniques with blue-tak sealed with super glue as a 'modelling putty'.

Firstly a converted soldier holding flaming torch, I cut off the torch and replaced it with a halberd, modelling a replacement hand.

For my dragoons I wanted at least one man dismounted holding a horse; so a marching musketeer and an engineer were converted; added cuffs, boots rolled down, belts with apostles, plus a musket. I put a Sash&Sabre head on the marching musketeer. Front and back view below ...

Lastly one of the horse holders with a horse, just to see how it looks ..

Looks Ok, I'll be interested to see how they come up painted.

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Eye Candy ...

Drabant Miniatures, have some swedish cavalry in their WARS OF MOSCOW STATE, 40MM range (DM1133/34/35) . They are really nice figures, however at £10 a pop there are a bit expensive (possibly use for commanders).

Link to pic at UK Old Glory Website

Friday 7 November 2008

The Dragoons arrive

Just unpacked these from a nice little box containing my last order from Irregular Miniatures. I ordered 11 mounted figs and 9 dismounted, I've got a spare officer for them. On dismount the officer and cornet (with flag) will remain mounted, representing the horse holders. The dismounted dragoons come in 2 'random' variants, soft hat or monmouth cap.