Friday 7 November 2008

The Dragoons arrive

Just unpacked these from a nice little box containing my last order from Irregular Miniatures. I ordered 11 mounted figs and 9 dismounted, I've got a spare officer for them. On dismount the officer and cornet (with flag) will remain mounted, representing the horse holders. The dismounted dragoons come in 2 'random' variants, soft hat or monmouth cap.


littlejohn said...

Those dragoons look good, I've never ordered anything from Irregular but I may try these out since Sash and Saber don't yet have dragoons and it looks like they are throwing their new sculpting efforts towards ACW and Naps these days so it might be a long wait for ECW dragoons.

old-tidders said...

One thing to mote is that the horses Irregular Supply are 'slimmer' than the S&S ones