Friday 31 August 2007

Foot Regiments - better pictures

Horse Regiments - better pictures

Royalist Command Group (revised)

Sir William de Willoughby has equipped himself with a suit of cuirassier armour.

Horse:Foot ratio and Unit Sizes

Having trawled through some battle info, looking at composition of armies; the horse to foot ratio varies from 1:2 to 1:6; overall the average is about 1:3.5

Unit strengths;
Theoretical - 10cys @ 100 men --> 1000
Actuals : royalist foot - late 1642: ~ 600; early 1644: ~325

Theoretical - 6+ troops @ 70 men each --> 500
Actuals : parliament horse 1644 : average ~390.

Using a 1:30 fig to men ratio for my wargame units gives me
Foot regiment: 24figs --> 720 (bit high)
Horse regiment: 12figs --> 360 (about right)

(unit size info derived from English Civil War Armies (Osprey)

Tuesday 21 August 2007

Plans for each side's army ...

I've sort of have a plan on how to develop the ECW figs I've got to make a couple of armies.

1. Rework the Royalist command group (3 figs) - I'm going to change the commander to have a suit of cuirassier armour, but with a soft hat.
2. Create the Parliamentarian command group (3 figs).
3. Have one regiment of foot for each side that will be involved in every scenario.
4. Have a number of peices of artillery, regiments of foot and horse which could be allocated to either side depending on the scenario. How many ?
Artillery : 6 guns (1 gun + 4 crew), currently have 1 of these.
Foot : 8 regiments (24 figs each), currently have 2 of these.
Horse : 8 regiments (12 figs each), currently have 2 of these.
5. Start collecting scenics for this scale; I've currently got a couple of houses; trees etc needed.

Phew thats a lot of metal to get and store. Well this looks like it may take some time do !!

Just as an aside I've also been looking at the 'Call to Arms' ECW 54mm plastic figs range - the cannon may be useable for my 42mm figs. Also the infantry could be used to make some dioramas. No cavalry in the range yet.