Sunday 30 August 2009

Scratchbuilt Galloper Gun

Reading up on Roundway Down, the royalists had a couple galloper guns with them. So I had a look see what bits I had to make one. I had a couple of plastic wheels the right size and a spare 18c ships gun. I cut the wheels and base off the gun and put it on a cardboard base, then added the wheelset. Completed gun below (with fig for size comparison) ..

I needed a draught horse and rider, so I cast them from one of my 18c moulds. The draught horse needed a little bit of work, the rider a new head and the coat detail altered. I had a spare horse and rider as well to use as the galloper guns escort.

Saturday 22 August 2009

New horse regiment painted ..

These boys have sat for a while in the painting queue. Nice to get them finished; now for the Jacdaw figs, I'm looking forward to painting them.

[figs: Irregular Miniatures, with a couple of Sash & Sabre heads for variety; officer is Sash and Sabre]

Thursday 20 August 2009

How many more units to go ?

I'm aiming to get to enough units to refight battles of the size of Lansdown and Roundway. At Roundway approximate numbers on each side was : Parliament- 2500 foot, 2000 horse Royalist - 3000 foot, 1800 horse

I'm using a ratio of 1 fig:33 men with foot regiments at 600 strong (18 figs) and horse regiments at 300 strong (9 figs); this means to be able to field each side I will need a total of

9 (or 10) regiments of foot
12 (or 13) regiments of horse

Currently I have got the following painted units:
6 regiments of foot, 4 regiments of horse, 2 regiments of dragoons and 4 guns

and the following unpainted units:
2 regiments of foot, 2 regiments of horse

So I need to buy 1 (or 2) regiments of foot and 6 (or 7) regiments of horse (oof ! a bit of knock on the old warchest).

Saturday 1 August 2009

Jacdaw Cavalry figs

I succumbed and bought enough of the newly released Jacdaw French 30 years war french cavalry (sold in packs of two) to make up another regiment of horse to add to the painting queue. So today I've been assembling the figures - the cornet is from Drabant Miniatures.

A closeup of the two figs assembled from the Officer pack...

A closeup of some of the troopers, the Drabant can also be seen.

Overall - lovely figures, fiddly to assemble but worth the effort.