Wednesday 25 May 2016

Sculpt & Cast - WIP (2), belts done...

Nice to get all the belts on the figures, I've used insulation tape for the belts. In addition I've drill holes to add the wire armutures fro the arms.

I've tried to get better pictures this time, using natural light - then increasing the brightness

Saturday 21 May 2016

Sculpt & Cast - WIP (1)

To get some practice in on belts and poses I've been working on some jager scouts for Wittenberg; using up some spare bodies and arms from the spares box.
generally for belts I will be using strips of black insulation tape, I can do belts with green stuff but they start to wiggle - probably due to lack of practice.

The greens are progressing well; all figures now have basic coat and roughed out head. I've tried a face on the standing woman - will probably do it again as its not to good

with all the basic coats done, arms heads belts etc can start to be added. Its a slow process but with a number of figures to work on you can do common items on figures in a session.

Monday 16 May 2016

Phase 2 of the TYW project ....

I've reached the end of Phase 1 of the project - refurbishing my ECW units for somewhere in mid-Europe just after the TYW.

I'm now onto the more interesting Phase 2 of the project, the main part of which will be to Sculpt and Cast - in order to raise 3 more regiments of foot (150 figs) and 2 more regiments of horse per side (32 riders and horses) - I will be making my own masters, making moulds and casting them. The list of figures I'll be making:
        On Foot:
            Pikeman, without tassets – Morion Helmet
            Musketeer advancing (or marching) – plain hat
            Drummer – hat with feather
            Seargent with polearm – hat with feather
            Ensign – hat with feather
            Officer – hat with two feathers, round top hat
            Standing Man in jacket - open handed
            Walking Man in jacket - open handed
            Woman in peasant dress – open handed
            Cavalryman – back&breast – hat with feather
            Cavalryman – back&breast – with Lobster style helmet
            Cavalryman – buff coat, hat with feather
            Mounted drover with whip
            Trotting horse – with pistol holsters

The sculpt and cast part has already started and all figures have a master started with the basic lower half of the figures completed, example
Along with the sculpting and casting, I'll be working on some specials including a sedan chair slung between two horses, croats, jaegers... (and few other things as well).

Thursday 12 May 2016

Wittenberg foot regeiments - Von Schwalbach and Von Vitzhum

The last two regiments of foot finished for the Wittenberg army, Von Schwalbach (red) and Von Vitzhum (blue). These were basically a re-flagging exercise with repainting of hats for the musketeers; I had a very enjoyable time working on these, spending a little extra time working on the flags.

Marching to the place of muster ...
 formed up ...
 the King arrives to inspect the troops .....

Monday 9 May 2016

Witttenberg foot regiment Von Loeser

Another regiment completed, 
 two more to go - I'm going to have big push to finish them this week if possible.

Saturday 7 May 2016

Witttenberg foot regiment Von Milckau

the refurbishment of the foot regiments for Wittenberg gets off to a start, first one done is regiment Von Milckau with uniform in Duchy of Saxony civil guard from the early years of the TYW.