Monday 16 May 2016

Phase 2 of the TYW project ....

I've reached the end of Phase 1 of the project - refurbishing my ECW units for somewhere in mid-Europe just after the TYW.

I'm now onto the more interesting Phase 2 of the project, the main part of which will be to Sculpt and Cast - in order to raise 3 more regiments of foot (150 figs) and 2 more regiments of horse per side (32 riders and horses) - I will be making my own masters, making moulds and casting them. The list of figures I'll be making:
        On Foot:
            Pikeman, without tassets – Morion Helmet
            Musketeer advancing (or marching) – plain hat
            Drummer – hat with feather
            Seargent with polearm – hat with feather
            Ensign – hat with feather
            Officer – hat with two feathers, round top hat
            Standing Man in jacket - open handed
            Walking Man in jacket - open handed
            Woman in peasant dress – open handed
            Cavalryman – back&breast – hat with feather
            Cavalryman – back&breast – with Lobster style helmet
            Cavalryman – buff coat, hat with feather
            Mounted drover with whip
            Trotting horse – with pistol holsters

The sculpt and cast part has already started and all figures have a master started with the basic lower half of the figures completed, example
Along with the sculpting and casting, I'll be working on some specials including a sedan chair slung between two horses, croats, jaegers... (and few other things as well).


Springinsfeld said...

Look forward to seeing this develop.

Bezzo said...

That is a MIGHTY undertaking! It would daunt a weaker heart such as mine. Good luck.