Friday 30 May 2008

New Regiment of Foot - with Dark Green Coats

I combined my two firelock companies (made up with my Romanoff figs) with some repainted Irregular Miniatures spare figs left from my unit reduction exercise, to make up a new regiment of foot.

Friday 23 May 2008

Unit Sizes

I've had a bit of a re-think on unit sizes and fig-actual ratio. I've been using 1:20 with 12figs (240 men) for horse regiments and 27figs (540 men) for foot regiments. This is fine but with the size of my wargames table and the overall plan to have larger battles I wanted to go for less tabletop space per unit.

After mulling things over I went for a ratio of 1:33. This gives:
1. Horse 9figs - ~300men (5 troops of 60 men)
2. Foot 18figs - ~600men (10 cys of 60 men)

This come close to actual average unit sizes I worked out from various sources. I tried out how the regiments look with the new sizes and they are ok. Mind you anything smaller than 18 figures for foot regiments and the stand of pikes effect is lost.

Saturday 3 May 2008

Pokesay Castle - 2

In order to get some idea of how my castle/manor house would look, I used some thick card to make a base and drew out a ground plan.

Then I made up some basic structures (from foam board and cardboard), for the gate house and the rear range of buildings.

Its a lot bigger than I expected. Next thing to do is to make basic structures for the keep and the curtain wall.


I formed the sample Romanoff Miniatures figs I bought into two companies of firelocks, used to defnd the artillery or baggage train.

Royalist Command (revamped)

Orginal trumpeter and commander now on Sash&Sabre horses. The cornet (centre) is Sash & sabre.