Sunday, 12 May 2013

getting back in the saddle ...

 To get me going again I tracked down a couple of books focusing on the civil war events for Wiltshire and Hampshire
I've started the Wiltshire book and finding it a good read and full of useful info. Also toying with doubling up my foot units so they look chunky enough pike-wise ..... trying out ideas using Junior General images ..


  1. May I suggest you base you foot two deep, so you can have two bases of musketeers, making four deep altogether, on each flank of the pikemen. Then you can 'double your files' by redeploying the rear bases on the outer flanks of the regiment to fire 'salvee' before closing with the enemy.

  2. These look like good finds, ebay?

  3. I've always thought that pikes would be in a closer formation than matchlockmen. Thus I agree with arthur1815 -- add to the pikes, but not the muskets.

    -- Jeff

  4. My 28mm ECW foot units are all 4 ranks deep- so they can double their files. The drill books have no difference for spacing pike or shot- though it is a given that shot neede more space to load- pikes would only close to "your closest order" - which made them immobile- when threatend by horse