Friday 26 February 2010

New Command figs

For the next scenario in the campaign there will be a battle at Hungerford, for this I wanted to be able to have command staff for each wing of horse and the centre foot. I was short a few figs, so I've made up two more command groups, of officer + trumpeter.
[figs Officers: Jacdaw TYW; trumpeters: Irregular Miniatures on Sahs & Sabre horses.]


littlejohn said...

love the figures...huzza!

Big Andy said...

Just discovered this blog. I do like that style. As an ECW/TYW chap myself- though mostly in 25/8mm I'm envious of any chap who can maintain a project without getting sidetracked. As the manufacturer of Romanoff and Jacdaw its hard to maintain a single period interest as business gets in the way.