Wednesday 12 June 2013

Further musings ...

I've had a fixation (more like a mental block) about unit sizes for a while, but my brain suddenly notched up a gear yesterday evening - I realised I can unit size as needed base on the type of game (doh !)
- bigger battles: foot - 18; horse - 9 (my orginal unit sizes)

- small battles: foot - 36; horse - 18 (my up-sized units)

- skirmishes/'adventures': well any size depends on the scenario, combining/splitting units etc as needed.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post about the lack of uniformity in coat colours - very useful - I don't think I'll be repainting all my foot units but will mix coat colours when I combine my smaller 18 fig units into larger regiments.

I've loads of cavalry - a result of my project to re-fight Roundway. However I'm somewhat short on foot regiments. So I re-organised my storage (by using a couple of new larger boxes for storing cavalry), freeing up space to allow for 2 more regiments of infantry at the new size of 36 (or 4 at the old size of 18) - more lead to buy and paint - hoorah :)

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't suppose that I need to point out that not all of your foot needs to be the exact same size?

You can have a mix of unit sizes after all.

Also, as for repainting . . . since you will be painting some new units, you can always make one green and another grey to match (or better in my opinion) or slightly mismatch for combining into larger units.

-- Jeff