Friday, 10 February 2012

Roundway Down [Thu 13th July 1643] - forces deploy

The royalist relief force had joined with horse from Devizes at Marlborough, they then rode over the downs towards Devizes. They stopped on Roughridge Hill and fired a signal cannon

In Devizes the signal cannon was heard and a response made by firing cannon from the castle; however there was much discussion - they feared it a was a parliamentarian ruse to draw them out of the town - Hopton and his officers could not decide and they royalist foot remained in Devizes.

Meanwhile Waller now aware of the presence of the relief column, drew up the parliamentarian army on Roundway down..
Byron and Wilmot drew up the royalist horse ready for action ...

Roundway Down: 'the battle' to follow ....


  1. Me neither... a long time ago I walked Roundway Down - a fantastic open space, and just perfect cavalry ground... must go back soon...