Friday, 11 December 2009

Royalists cross the river at Axford

After their succesful move against Marlborough, the royalist commander Sir William de Willoughby is tasked with an attack on Hungerford - this move is in parralel with the Kings forces moving on Newbury.

Sir Warwick Hunt, the parliamentarian commander has moved to intercept the royalists advancing on Hungerford but his troops are strung out on the march. He reinforces the garrison of a regiment of foot at Axford with one regiment of foot and one of horse and makes a hasty defence of the river crossing.

The royalists with 4 regiments of foot and 2 of horse approach Axford ..

The royalists deploy and clear the bridge with the use of their galloper gun ...

The royalist manouvre on their right flank to cross the river ...

After an exchange of musketry and cannon fire the parliamentarian foot regiment routs, they are quickly followed over the bridge by the lead royalist regiment ....

The parliamentarian defence crumbles and they use their horse regiment to cover their retreat ...

The royalist set down to camp for the night at Axford, before moving on along the valley towards Hungerford the next day ...
to be continued ...


  1. Lovely looking game - I look forward to more... :o)

  2. Everything looks great (as always) . . . I particularly liked the goose on the river . . . a nice touch.

    -- Jeff

  3. I agree witht he preceding comments, another enjoyable illustrated report!

    (although, our natural philosophers think the bird on the river is a swan...;) )

  4. In the fourth picture, there is a goose on the edge of the table - - well spotted Jeff; plus the swan by the bridge

    -- Allan

  5. Alan,

    These photos remind me of a Charles Grant Sr. publication, except in color. Lovely work on the figures, table, and scenery. . . up to your usual high and inspiring standards.

    Merry Christmas,