Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sir William de Willoughby's Regiment of Horse

I thought it was about time my imaginary commander of the royalist forces in my Wiltshire campaign had his own regiment of horse - so I finished painting my TYW Jacdaw figs and allocated them to the royalists (the cornet is from Drabant).


  1. Nice unit! I was inspired by your galloper gun and realised I had several light guns with long trails, so I may add a galloper gun to my elite infantry units. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Nice unit, I like the animation of the horses on those Jacdaw castings. Is the flag fictitious or is it a historical one?

  3. The Flag is a historical one, but from an unknown regiment. Its one of a couple of flags from the Body's Banners range.

    -- Allan