Saturday, 3 October 2009

Marlborough discomforted

A little action from history (slightly modified) which fits into my ECW camapign in Wiltshire quite nicely ...

Marlborough town was a potential problem for the royalists. The Seymours nominally held the old castle for the King but the town was for Parliament. With his headquarters in nearby Oxford, King Charles decided that Marlborough must be dealt with and sent Lords Wilmot and Digby with a body of horse to implement his wishes. They journeyed via Wallingborough to add a regiment of dragoons and a galloper gun to their troops, then they marched for Marlborough ...

When they arrived, they chose to parley first, thus giving the inhabitants a chance to prepare a defence. Commanded by Colonel James Ramsey with a small number of professional soldiers they mustered a few hundred poorly-armed men in the simple earthworks at the north of the town. Their response was to refuse to give up the town.

While the confrontation started at the north of the town, the royalists had dismounted a regiment of horse and they had started to try and gain access to the town from the side via its small alleyways.

The dragoons skirmish with the towns defenders at the earthworks on the common ...

The dismounted royalist horse have entered the outskirts of the town and encounter little resistance ....

The defenders fall back as the dismounted royalist horse gain the high street ....

Colonel Ramsey withdrew to the St Mary's church to make a last stand ....

The royalists move into the town from the north having overrun the earthworks, while the dismounted horse move up the high street to attack the church ...

The defence of the church continues, but they cannot hold out for long ....

After a fierce exchange of fire, all the windows were shot away, at this point Ramsey surrendered.
Following the surrender a number of houses and barns were burned down and the town was systematically looted. What could not be carried away was destroyed. Some 120 prisoners, were tied together and marched to Oxford and put in prison to await the Kings pleasure.

[the actual historical events can be read at]


  1. A nice little action successfully carried out. Bravo! His Majesty obviously put the proper officers in charge.

    -- Jeff

  2. Methinks there be much reason for Roundhead retaliation!

  3. And the link is really interesting as well. Thanks!

  4. Nice little report and enjoyable pictures. :)

  5. The Roundheads would be much wiser to support the King and not seek retaliation.

    Allan, as usual your terrain is beautiful . . . and, as always, I really appreciate the care that you take in presenting wonderful dioramas.

    -- Jeff