Saturday, 28 February 2009

More Dragoons ...

The second of my planned dragoon regiments is now finished. I had my table setup for a 18C 40mm game, so I thought I'd re-use the setup to pose the dragoons getting into position. Riding down the road ...

And deployed in front of the church ...

[figs: All Irregular Miniatures, some of the dismounted dragoons are converted musketeers.]


  1. Great looking unit! ....and I'm still jealously looking for a church like that!


  2. It may be worth searching the web for sites who stock the kits for the church I used - seach for

    Hornby R599 Country Church kit

    Hope you find what your looking for

    -- Allan

  3. Cool pics! I like the mounted and dismounted dragoons.

  4. Allan,

    With the possible exception of the clocks on the church tower, the terrain is quite usable as ECW terrain . . . and, of course, I echo the other comments about the appearance of everything.

    -- Jeff

  5. As Jeff says the clock on the church tower looks out of place.

    I thought so too till I did a little bit of research. There are a number of church clocks in the UK which date from the early 17C - they most probably orginally had one square clock face, with maybe just an hour hand.

    -- Allan