Tuesday 10 February 2009

Dismounted Horse (3) - 'Horse Holders'

Each of the 2 dismounted horse regiments will have a man holding/leading a horse. Finished the green stuff changes for these based on an Irregular Miniatures pikeman without tassets; altered the heads as well. Most of the time was spent doing their boots.

These will enter into my painting queue (which for some reason seems to be getting longer).


Bluebear Jeff said...

*grin* . . . you are getting more adventurous with your modifications . . . sort of like the "old time" gamers.

On a different matter, the 18th century figures you sent arrived yesterday . . . but so did a miserable cold . . . so it will probably be a few days before I feel up to taking a photo and writing a post . . . I feel lousy right now.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Very nice conversions Alan,...I've been lobbying over on the 40mm Sash and Sabre Yahoo group for some Dragoon figures from Chris (the sculptor), but I think horseholders will be long in coming if ever. Until then its greenstuff all the way!...and in some ways , as Jeff said, it's classic old school to make do with what you have!


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work on the conversions! I always love to see people doing creative things like this. One of the parts of the hobby I love :-)

aside to Jeff - get well soon!

old-tidders said...

I was thinking I had a limited supply of figure poses; I had forgotten about Romanoff figures -how I don't know ! Anyway a couple of packs of those will be bought for this project.

Jeff - get well soon, nice to know the little fellas arrived safely

-- Allan