Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fieldworks finished ..

I've finished the outworks for the defence of the castle. They were clogging up my modelluing desk so decided to complete them to make room for some figure painting. I was going to add some scenic scatter on the sections, but the basic brown I used seem to be fine, with some dry brushing of a lighter shade.

All laid out and a couple of figures added to get the scale of the works ..

A closeup of the gun position ...


  1. Alan the fieldworks really came out well...I'm about to paint a section of Vauban fortress and I was considering just doing a flat coat of paint on the embankment so your pic really helped me see that it will work

  2. Excellent! Fits in very well with your other terrain and tabletop.

  3. Looking great - did you see Timeteam by any chance they were digging a ecw fortification partly on tv at the weekend...

  4. Yes I saw timeteam, I think it got me interested in finishing off the fieldworks.

    -- Allan