Thursday, 8 October 2020

The Traveller ?

The Traveller and his assistants have arrived in the city of Wittenberg...

Cardinal Lazunarund has been following this Traveller's movements, he wants to know who he is and what he has been doing.  He instructs one of his agents to get a detachment of the cardinals guard to detain him and bring him to see him for an interview ...


    A number of people know the Traveller's real identity. He is none other than Johannes Graf von Tiddenheim the Kings cousin;  he is a special envoy and investigator for the King. The Traveller is usually accompanied by his two assistants - Lisette de Givenchy and Otto Bahn. 
    Von Tiddenheim is a confident of the King and holds the royal warrant, acting as a special envoy and investigator; sometimes leading a specially selected group of individuals to delve into mysterious occurrences (such as his involvement with the case of the witches of Ottenheim).

    While the Traveller is in Wittenberg, he is visiting with the King; they walk together in the grounds of the palace  (the King's guard keep a discrete distance)...

After a lengthy meeting with the King, the Traveller joins his assistants and escort (Von Messing with his three best men - Fischer, Scharfe and Hofler), they are on their way to the abbey of Alt-Wittenberg...


  1. some lovely whimsey here Tidders .

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