Saturday, 15 August 2020

Chocim 1621 - part of battle - disperse the attack

The Battle Of Chocim, was a combined siege and series of engagements between 2/Sep & 9/Oct 1621, between Polish-Lithuanian and invading Ottoman forces; for full description see....

An informative plan map of battle, with some useful info on (in Polish) can be found here...

I decided to setup my gaming table to run through a scenario based on an engagement on 7/Sep when a small force of Polish cavalry (Hussars & Reiters) dispersed a large Ottoman attack.  For the setup I used my 17C Polish troops, a couple of units form my 17C Pike & Shot collection plus my 18C Ottoman style army (which is usable for 17C). Almost all figures in use are my own home-casts.

A view of part of the Polish defences.....

The Hussars, supported by Reiters, move out to attack the approaching Ottomans...

The Ottoman attack force ...

The Polish cavalry charge .....
The Hussars and Reiters smashed through the Spahis and then into the infantry - result attack in tatters and dipsersed.  

Not much of a challenging scenario, but a lot of fun to setup the table and to 'play with my toys'  😁


  1. Great stuff! Looks like it came out of a book by Grant or Featherstone.

    I guess this was a re-enactment, not a wargame? Was thinking you could use ECW rules.

    1. A simple re-enactment, using my Pike & Shot rules (based on an ECW set) with adjustments to cater for Winged Hussars :)

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