Thursday 18 August 2016

Men at rest and at work .... (some conversions)

Pegasus make some 1/48 plastic figures sets, I bought the  californian gold miners set

the figures are about 37mm tall, so just usable with 40mm. The poses are very good and I did some conversions to provide some figures for camps and work parties . The standing figures were placed on a some 2mm cardboard to get their height up a bit and then based.

The aim was to use as many figures as possible with minimal change,
- swapped all heads with Sash&Sabre ones
- removed some 'modern' detail
- altered the lower leg and footwear
- a bit of arm re-positioning
- some shirt collars added where needed

The finished conversions - two chaps to sit round a camp fire
 Man rolling finished empty gabion (plastic Renedra one ), and man making a gabion...
 The standing figures, using the original poses

The figures finished off and painted ..


Springinsfeld said...

Good idea. I like the guy weaving the gabion best.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Splendid...simply splendid. You continue to show great creativity and talent in making these conversions. Will the have any combat function on the battlefield like making entrenching go faster or being present to tunnel under an enemy?

tidders said...

The men at work (picks, shovels etc), will be used for the making of field works in games, if killed or wounded they will have to replaced or work will slow down.