Monday 22 August 2016

Defended Walled town and Attackers sieges line

Defended Walled Town

I did a trial setup using my existing scenics with a wide 'moat'
The 'moat' was a bit too wide, so I went with my ordinary river sections with some shelving offcuts covered in green fabric to give some depth. I made a new bridge - see this post on Wittenberg blog, the sections were designed to fit in with the walled town setup.  All in place .....
I can vary the town wall sections, so I can have towers and wall only.

The Siege Lines

continuing from a previous post,  'Working on some scenics - siege lines'

To fill the gaps in the siege line sections I used some wood filler and a pallet knife. To paint the sections I used a mid-brown for the earth and dark brown for the gabions
all finished and in position with a camp scene ..

Ready for use in future campaigns - as backdrops to story lines and games....

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Fitz-Badger said...

All of the terrain pieces look great! I also think the river sections work better for the moat.