Saturday 11 July 2015

Revisiting artillery ....

I'm going to be sorting the artillery out before continuing with special items for sieges. So a quick review of what was lurking in the storage boxes.

The cannon (and one mortar),  I'm happy with these and will add another cannon.
 The gun crew - Ok but pose wise limited - need more variety.
 So I'll be working on the crew, re-modelling as needed to get some more 'active' poses. I've ordered a some Sash&Sabre figs, some spare heads and an extra cannon; in addition I have some Papo mini-tube pirates (approx 40mm) from which I salvaged the usable poses/parts and I'm going to try and use these as well.

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Springinsfeld said...

A nice artillery park, and good idea to convert those Papo fellows.