Tuesday 28 July 2015

Hurstbourne Manor

The Royalists of northern Wiltshire commanded by Sir William de Willoughby are on the move west, having mustered at Pewsey they proceeded to Burbage and then onwards; their aim to reach Whitchurch and take the nearby Hurstbourne manor. From Whitchurch they hope to open up some form of supply system to Basing house some 10-15miles further west.

Holding Whitchurch would also allow the Royalists counter any move form the south-west by the Parliamentarians based in Sarisbury, commanded by Sir Warwick Hunt.


 An officer heads to the corner of the market square at Whitchurch, before a brisk walk to Hurstbourne manor.
On the way he'll have to pass the outpost at the manor farm
then onto the manor house with its improvised defences

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d_guy said...

I am totally enthralled with your blog and your storytelling with 40mm figures and structures. I have recently started wargaming in the English Civil War period (although in the rather less demanding 10mm scale) and will now need to start at the beginning of your blog and work my way through it - eight and a half years worth - amazing! Anyway thanks for taking the time to share what you are doing and keep up the outstanding work!