Saturday, 1 November 2014

Working on some clubmen...

I have been working on some clubmen (brief historical overview here and some modelled in 1/72 here ; some nice ones in 28mm here). Using up the last of my spare figures I have eight so far, I'm aiming to have about 15-20 altogether.

Will need to get some more suitable figures and make up some pitchforks and short pikes before I can do the next batch.


  1. Looking very good so far...are you going to do a flag for them?

  2. I saw some very good clubmen flag somewhere - most were slogans along the line of "leave us alone and exploit someone else". I believe they were historical, either from descriptions or actual extant ones. If I find the source I'll pass it along.

    1. I can remember one that said something like "If you offer to plunder and steal our cattel (sic.) be assured we will bid you battel").