Saturday 15 November 2014

Wiltshire clubmen ....

In the small town of Amesbury north of Sarisbury, locals are meeting to discuss forming opposition to marauding troops from either side - to protect their crops and livestock.

 [The clubmen are done for now, may add a few more. I've tried to make them as generic as possible so they could be re-used for vignettes in story lines or as part of raw or militia units

The ground surface for the 'market place' is a sandstone effect acrylic floor tile from Homebase].


Springinsfeld said...

A great looking mob! Love the flag.

d_guy said...

Have been reading through the whole blog with great enjoyment but needed stop and comment this post. Great looking group and glad you all are bringing clubmen on to the scene. Armed civilians and ad hoc militias don't seem to get enough exposure in this period. BTW thanks for the link to my blog!