Sunday 18 May 2014

Royalist dragoons on patrol....

Both sides are gathering their forces to gain control of Wiltshire.  Sir Warwick Hunt for Parliament in Sarisbury in the south and Sir William de Willoughby in Wallingborough in the north.

Sir William has re-formed his dragoons and they are now out on patrol .....

I'm currently re-organising my ECW collection; trying to get more flexible unit sizing for battles and smaller skirmish games. 

One problem I have is the basing scheme I used; the scatter material has lost its colour - and is rather dull; so as part of the rework is static grass for all bases - the first done is the dragoons and they look much better.

The horse regiments will be 12 figures strong, and two of the regiments will be based as singles to be used in skirmish games; the foot regiments will be increased in size - still finalising the size and basing.


Phil said...

Love the dragoons Alan.
Looking forward to campaign developments in sunny Wiltshire!

Springinsfeld said...

Excellent looking unit there.