Wednesday, 11 December 2013

trouble at Romsey .....

Under command of Sir Warwick Hunt, two companies of the parliamentarian Southampton garrison made for Romsey to beat up the royalist quarters. They pushed back the royalist  pickets at the river bridge who ran into town raising the alarm...
caught un-prepared and thinking themselves out-numbered the bulk of the royalist garrison made a run for it up the Winchester road, however a stand was made in the market square
this did not go well and they were either captured or killed. The parliamentarian troops set about destroying any useable supplies before their return to Southampton
Meanwhile Waller was making preparations to move from Farnham against nearby royalist positions.


  1. Those nasty Roundheads want to spoil Christmas . . .

    -- Jeff

  2. Mission accomplished! But these things are always tit for tat. (we hope)

  3. Huzzah,,,the sword of the Lord smites the ungodly. No king but Jesus and cancel Christmas (it will be too expensive and harrowing for parents in 350 years time).