Sunday 18 January 2009

Village - Tithe Barn

My project for the weekend was to build a tithe barn for the village, as I wanted to find a use for the buttresses I saved from the remnants of the church kits I cut up. So I did a bit of research on the web. Tithe barns can be very large structures, sometimes as big as the parish church. I opted for a bit of simplicity and decided on a barn with one bay each end with central doors each side.

I built the walls out of foam board, making an inset for the doors. Below you can see the basic building structure with the doors and buttresses trial fitted to one side; beside it is a 40mm figure for size comparison

I made up the roof with cardboard. I used my favourite method for buildings, printed papers. These were cut to size and stuck on. The doors were painted and glued in place. After that I added tbe buttresses and painted them up to match the stone paper. Below you can see it the tithe barn finished on its base, about to receive a delivery ..

I want to add two more half timbered buildings to the village - I've decided to make these myself.


Fitz-Badger said...

Another very cool building!

littlejohn said...

Super-nice Allan, really great way to play those extra parts "forward".


Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't know that you need it . . . but the link below goes to an article about building those half-timbered houses:

-- Jeff

old-tidders said...


thanks for the link, definitely worth a read and it has given me some more ideas and building tips

-- Allan