Sunday 25 January 2009

No Wheels on my Gun ??

Sir Warwick Hunt, the Parliamentarian commander, is planning on reducing Wardour castle to the the south-west of Sarisbury. To that end he has sent for a large gun. A cannon has been found and is on its way. A dodgy wheel has halted its journey, on the border with Hampshire. At a small village the local blacksmith and his assistant try to remedy the fault ....

[figs: All Hereck and Goros except bearded blacksmith which is Eureka; gun is 54mm Call to Arms]


littlejohn said...

That BIG GUY is going to pose some problem for the Royalist garrison!

old-tidders said...

He certainly is ! I've got to build some 40mm scale siege lines etc and gun battery position - so many exciting modelling projects to do.

-- Allan