Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dragoon Command Stands

While waiting for a couple of figs orders to complete the rest of the dragoons, I forged on by doing the command stands and token horse holders for when they dismount. All figs in the pictures are from Irregular Miniatures (with a couple of heads replaced with some from Sash and Sabre).

The figs orders arrived yesterday so I'm now ready to start work on both regiments mounted and dismounted.


  1. I particularly like the striped borders on the Dragoon standards. Nice work.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice work! I always enjoy looking at your pictures :-)

  3. very nice...BTW, I like the background in your pics, did you paint it yourself?

  4. Dear Sir,
    Very colorful and inspiring. You background certainly looks like England !
    cordially ,
    David Corbett

  5. Everyone seems to like the background I use for my pictures; I would like to say I painted it myself, but no, this is a commercially available Model Railroad backscene [Peco SK-32 Country Landscape - Medium; I think they also do a 'Large' one as well SK-12]

    -- Allan