Tuesday 30 December 2008

Artillery Train Additions ...

I've been thinking of buying some of the Herek & Goros 1/48th scale 30yrs war figs for some time. They are a tad expensive, so I needed a reason to have them and also the money to buy them as well. The reason to have them was to provide a limber and figures to go with my large cannon. So just after Xmas I ordered up the ones I was interested in from Historex Agents (UK); it's nice to give oneself an Xmas present.

1. Artillery Limber and horses

The picture below shows the limber (GHG20), draught horse (KSHG55), artilleryman seated on draught horse (KSHG58).

If you are going to buy any of this range then the limber and draught horses are worth it (each code item is ~£9.00 each. ouch !)

2. The foot figures
Below we have on the left an Irregular Miniatures 40mm for comparison of size and from left to right ..
Dismounted cavalryman and blacksmith (KSHG63)
Artillery Soldier (KSHG54)
Artillery Officer and Soldier (KSHG59)

A picture of my large cannon (Call at Arms 1/32nd scale, ECW range - War Cannon No 13 ), with the new figs ...

I'm looking forward to getting these painted. By the way the first of my two regiments of dragoons is nearly finished so I'll post some piccies of them next.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, I want to see painted dragoons.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Wow- these figs are fantastic- like Jeff I really look forwrd to seeing painted dragoons.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I do like the artillery soldier carrying the chest - very nice pose but an eye watering price!

littlejohn said...

Nice purchase and I had not thought of using 1/48 Herek & Goros till now. Are they metal? ...just asking because the draught horse looks like Historex plastic.

old-tidders said...

All the items are a metal apart from the horse for the mounted figure which is plastic.

-- Allan