Wednesday 22 October 2008

List of my ECW Reference Books

General History of the Period:
  • The English Civil War, by Maurice Ashley
Military History:
  • The English Civil War - by Peter Young and Richard Holmes
  • Beef, Bacon and Bag Pudding; Berkshire in the Civil War - by David Disbury
  • Travellers Guide to the Battlefields of the English Civil War - by Martyn Bennett
Uniforms etc:
  • The English Civil War 1642-1651, an Illustrated Military History - by Philip Haythornthwaite[Good book with plenty of uniform info]
  • The English Civil War Armies, Osprey Men-at-Arms series
  • Soldiers of the English Civil War (1) Infantry, Osprey 'Elite' 25
  • Soldiers of the English Civil War (2) Cavalry, Osprey 'Elite' 27
  • Matchlock Musketeer 1588-1688, Osprey 'Warrior' 43
  • Ironsides, English Cavalry 1588-1688, Osprey 'Warrior' 44
  • English Civil War Artillery 1642-51, Osprey 'New Vanguard' 108
  • English Civil War Fortifications 1642-51, Osprey 'Fortress' 9

Also a film worth watching to get the flavour of the times - Cromwell


Fitz-Badger said...

I have the Haythornwaite book. Plenty of color plates and other illustrations.

I also have:
Leaders of the Civil Wars 1642-1648 (Smith and Toybee, edited by Peter Young, Roundwood Press, 1977)
black and white and full color plates, plus lots of little line drawings)
Civil War England (Peter Young, Longman, 1981)
another one with lots of line drawings, hand-drawn maps and other pictures (such as period portraits)
Cavaliers and Roundheads (Wayland Publishers, 1973)
plenty of illustrations, seems more geared towards a younger audience, but a good basic overview of various aspects of the period

These are all good resources I hope to make use of some day if I ever do an ECW campaign.

Jubilo said...

Dear Sir ,
"By the Sword Divided " was a superb BBC TV series set in ECW times. Read also Antonia Fraser's "Cromwell ."
cordailly ,
David Corbett

Bluebear Jeff said...

While I haven't had a chance to read it yet, I recently got Trevor Royle's "Civil War: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660" . . . which was highly recommended by a few people on TMP.

The paperback version is only $18.89 Canadian from . . . probably also attractively priced elsewhere as well.

And I've got the Osprey "Essential History" as well as some of their other ECW books.

In addition, some years ago I picked up a copy of "The English Civil War: Recreated in Colour Photographs" by Chris Honeywell & Gill Spear . . . published by Windrow & Greene Publishing in 1993.

The above volume is chock full of color photos of re-enactors. Lots of good inspiration. At the time it was L12.95 UK and $19.95 US (as marked).

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

I just ordered the Haythornwaite book and On Military Matters says its already on the way!...and my Haselrigs unit is under new colors!...thanks for the references.