Wednesday 22 October 2008

Dragoons ?

I've been mulling over the size of a possible unit dragoons. Nominally the same size as an infantry regiment with a paper strength of ~1000, this was rarely achieved in the field however - so I've decided to make it the same size as the number of musketeers I use in a foot regiment. Initially I'll have one regiment of dragoons and may be add another later.

I've decided on;
Mounted - Officer, Ensign and 9 troopers (11 figs total)
Dismounted - 9 foot figures, the Officer and Ensign remain mounted and represent the horse holders.

Figures to be used will be from Irregular Miniatures 42mm renaissance range:
LRE5 Dismounted Dragoon.
LRE10 Dragoon

Better go and see how much is in the warchest before I place an order for the metal.

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