Sunday, 7 September 2008

Unit Cards

All ready for the next battle. The rules we use have a movement mechanism, where for each move the next unit to move is selected from a set of shuffled cards in turn.

All units have a 'For Ye Kinge' or 'For Parliament' card, this allows units to be on either side in different scenarios.


  1. Clever - I'm thinking of doing something similar - thought I might also put the units movement rates, firing distances, etc. on the card as well, to save time looking up in the rules...

  2. Intriguing and clever, especially with the photography that should make identifying the unit easier :)

  3. Nice cards! Has lots of possibilities, as alluded to by Steve and SC.

  4. I very much like this . . . and would appreciate a little tutorial as to just how you managed it (I love the rounded corners on the cards, by the way -- and, of course the pictures rock).

    One idea . . . take photos of each unit facing both right and left . . . then use all the Royalists facing one way and all of the Parlimentarian troops facing the other.

    -- Jeff