Saturday 13 September 2008

Making the ECW Unit Cards

One of the comments to my previous post asked how I made the unit cards.

1. I wanted some cards which were reasonably robust and larger than the size of a business card. I decided on using those from a standard pack of playing cards (rather than buying special blank cards).
2. Next thing I did was to identify a standard inkjet sticky label size that would fit over the playing card. [Avery J8173 - 10 labels]
3. The playing cards then had blank sticky labels put on them; these were then trimmed off.

4. I set up a single page document with 5 columns; two blank cards to each column. Making sure when printed that each 'card' would come out on a label.
5. A picture of each unit is added to the card; the picture size is then adjusted till the card layout is correct again - this can be a bit fiddly. I do a batch of 10 cards in each print; each unit having one 'for Parliament' and one 'for ye Kinge' card. A batch of 10 cards is printed onto a page of sticky labels, labels are then placed onto the cards.
6. If I just want to do one card, I just print the page; cut out the 'card' and stick it onto a playing card covered with a sticky label.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thank you, sir. That is helpful.

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

It's expensive in labels if you use two layers, but could you not print direct onto the sticky labels??

old-tidders said...

I use two layers to ensure the playing cards suits don't show through

-- Allan